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One day I was walking my Christian walk
when I came upon a cross.
Of all the things I saw lying there
that were left there by the lost.

Old playing cards left by the gambler
who found a better way to win.
He didn't have to take a chance at all
after Jesus had taken him in.

Wine bottles were strewed all about
some were still filled to the brim.
They didn't need it now to get high
because they found their high in Him.

All kind of lies were stacked like boxes
so many they reached to the roof.
The ones that left them had no use for them
for now they had found the truth.

There were a ton of habits of various kinds
they were stacked all neatly in a row.
Most were worn from many years of use
but somehow they all had to go.

One thing I noticed that caught my eye
was a dumpster running over with hate.
No doubt exchanged for a heart full of love
to enjoy before it was too late.

The list is unending of things that were left
by people who found they were lost.
All of these things they counted as trash
when they left them at the foot of the cross.

                               EDDIE  ROUSH

11 Cor: 5:17  behold, all things are become new.  KJV
My desire is for God to take my heart in His hands
and wring it till there is nothing left but
my heart and His blessed hand.

                                            Pastor Eddie