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The most blessed thought of knowing Jesus as our Savior
is the promise He gives us that He will never leave
us nor forsake us. Just knowing this, makes each day we
spend here in this life, a little sweeter

Lord, it's good to wake up each morning
and know in my heart You are there.
As I sit on the side of my bed,
I whisper to You my prayer.

You know what lies in store for me
so You give me assurance that You care.
You sort through the burdens I carry,
and the ones that are heavy, you bear.

You see up ahead all the pitfalls
that the enemy has put in my way.
Should I come to a fork in the road,
you will be there to show me the way.

Night time will fall, it comes so soon,
I will lay down my head to sleep.
I need never fear, knowing You're near,
and I know my soul You will keep.

                               EDDIE  ROUSH

Psalm: 121:8  "The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy
coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."  KJV

My desire is for God to take my heart in His hands
and wring it till there is nothing left but
my heart and His blessed hand.

                                            Pastor Eddie