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We thank God for this web-site because it gives us the  blessed
privilege to reach out to those who need a Savior.
So many in this world today depend on their own abilities and
knowledge to make it to heaven, but they will only fall short of their goal.
Jesus The Son of God came and paid your dept for you to go to heaven.
Ask Him today to come into your heart. "Don't be left on the ground "!!
                                                                                Pastor Eddie

The devil tries to tempt me at times
it's useless, he has nothing to gain.
For if he should look into my heart
he would see only his broken chain.

It used to bind me to the world,
I would struggle but to no avail.
Sometimes I would try to break away
but all my efforts would always fail.

Then I heard of a kind  loving man
that came to earth to die on a tree.
I was really surprised when I read
that He came to do it for me.

Now my life is filled with joy
I am not living my life in vain.
So if the devil did take from me
It would only be a broken chain.

                     EDDIE  ROUSH

John: 8:36  If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.   K J V